So far so good !

  • After a break by CS member FISTULA we (with Sophie, french) kept hitching in the morning from Bruchsal, tankstelle and got an easy lift from 2 hungarian trucks.

  • 2 people hitching, 2 truckers (2 x 3h30 mn = 7h00 hours drive including 50 mn compulsory pause). Each one his driver and his cabin seat up to Ansfelden (Austria) where luckily we got a straightforward lift from business hungarian men driving a Lexus all the way to Kecskemét (60 km further than Budapest). We happily got off in the last petrol station (benzinkút) before the ringroad (M nul) and got another lift from János heading back through town to Hatvan (sixty in hungarian).

  • köszönöm szépen (Thank you very much). a közeli viszontlátásra! (à bientôt!).

  • Trip to follow next monday : Ukraina (2/3 days) before entering Russia for transit (on wednesday 6th of may) in only 11 days. Happy travels to All of You. With Metta.

  • Day 2: I left Budapest alone at 9.00 a.m and went on foot to Varosliget where i caught a ride from a Renault traffic with a 75 french plate number coming from Paris (?). They were Roumanians coming from London and heading back home. They gave me a lift (180 km)untill they reached their turn off. I was going straight and kept further with an hungarian couple which took me all the way to the border town of Zahony (220 km from Budapest)where I came at half past noon.

  • Going through the ukrainian border is rather complicated. You are not allowed to walk through the border. i got a short ride from border to border. They kept asking me a few things and were rather suspicious but finally made my way through in 20 mn.

  • Successive lift from trucks or private cars took me all the way to Lvov in the whole afternoon. I succeeded to go behind the city and ended up in the nature for the night another 60 km further. Tuesday 05th of may I could not catch a lift as soon as I stood on the road. Not enough traffic and nobody willing to lift me.An hour and so later everything was working well like if a magic stick was operating. An ukrainian driver took me to Rivne and then crossing the road - not even yet on the side in position to hitch, a polish truck driver did stop. As soon as he drop me in Zithomir another polish guy who was going back to Kiev from his native country give me a chance to come in Kiev at 2:30 p.m.

  • "Your idea to go to Kharkhiv today is completely irrealistic !" but after crossing town by subway I made it to Kharkhov the same day coming late in the evening.

  • Altogether from Budapest to Kharkhov it is about 1500 km done in just 2 days hitch-hiking (3 days hitch-hiking from France - 2700 km from Strasbourg to Kharkhiv).

  • Next step: today 6th of may. To enter Russia. Happy travels.

  • Step 3: "Russia today" After 3 hours sleep by CS Andriy Borovskiy lots of tea (my gasoline that keeps me going / walking) Andriy explains me how to get to the road to Belgorod (already in Russia). At the corner of the intersection I flag down an old (russian ?) truck on his way to Kursk. I get off right at the parking lot for trucks just before the customs and go straight to the immigration gate walking. The Ukrainians when I entered gave me 2 stamps instead of one and I am expecting them to ask me for some bribe. The entry stamp is regular and on the second one is mentioned "transit Russia" and "Konotop" (small ukrainian city in the middle of no where but I believe the place to be the center / junction of trains departing/arriving to/from Russia. I did not mention anything.They did not ask me anything. They just wrote it down.

  • At first the officer is gentle and keeps it that way. "Have you Euro ? Grievna ? dollar ?" - No, No, No with a big smile... I knew this will come.

  • After asking me where is my bag the same officer notices a bus waiting on the side. "Is it yours ?" Yes ! By answering positively I wanted to urge a bit the process. I got my passport a few seconds later.

  • On the russian side they all surprisingly were nice to me. They had no pen where one is supposed to be to fill up the form but everything o.k ("bce normal"). They did'not give hard times and were much friendlier than in the "old times" (in 1988, 92, 97 and 2003) when I went through the border.

  • Yura gave me a lift to Belgorod and luckily was going to the side of town where his workshop was located. This was my direction towards Voronez (250 km)done by truck. Valentine (41 years old)for a few miles out of town on her way to lipeck and I take a shortcut to Tambov which I will never reach. After being dropped at the Dobrinka junction I keep walking 2 miles and come close to 2 old looking inhabited houses. I inspected the places and find the hay granary suitable for a good night sleep. I was already asleep when a car dropped the owner of the house near by the granary. We both slept well. The lady fed the hens and left again in the early morning without noticing the padlock unlocked. Glad she did not open my door or lock it again leaving me jailed for the day (480 km for today).

  • Drizzling outside and half wet a pick up dared to stop in the early morning spreading salsa music all over the remote countryside. It was a good start and a happy lucky day for hitch-hiking all the way to Samara to catch my meeting with CS city ambassador Anastassia Mikhaylova. All the trip done with truckers driving powerful Man, Renault and Fiat except for the last stretch (55 km) from Toljati from a private car (today 820 km).

  • Step 4: a few more hints.

  • Quickly I found out at my entrance in the largest country in the world that I had to undergo an average of 800 km/day in order to get in time to the chinese border (Zabaikalsk). It is as easy as 7300+ km in 9 days (if i don't count the first and last day busy to be in time to cross the border). I have an eleven day russian transit visa.

  • In any case I can't GO less than 400 km/day (keeping it going on a daily basis).

  • GMT+ 1 hour lost every day on a daily basis (every 800 km). I lost already 5 hours meaning I am almost in the same timing than if I was in Myanmar where I am heading to. Amazing if you draw it that way !

  • I did not stay in Samara althrough I felt like not because being tired - I slept only 3 hours again - but because I knew 3 days off were coming ahead of me. Day off is officially saturday (Victory day). As it is already a non-working day monday will be off duty also. I predicted less traffic on the main roads meaning family packed cars and truckers taking at least a 2-day break as Victory day is one of the most important day off observed in the whole Russia. You can see full cars driving around with huge russian flags flying from the windows.

  • It is interesting to notice that Victory day is observed on 8th in some countries in Europe and on 9th in Russia. Do you have any idea why ? Because the document was signed late in the evening on May 8, 1945 (May 9 by Moscow Time), following the original capitulation Germany agreed earlier to the joint Allied forces on the Western Front. The Soviet government announced the victory early on May 9 after the signing ceremony in Berlin.

  • So better hurry up and leave the beautiful Samara towards Yfa (Yфa)with a lada. I took me a little while to walk out of the main popular avenue crowded with people shopping and I begged a lift from someone going to castorama at the edge of town then a truck loaded with sand lift me out of town to the turn off going one way to Moscow and the other to Cheliabinsk (over 868 km). After this overspeeding Lada came a slow Man truck again lifting me to a parking where we spent the night. Thanks to my sleeping bag. I woke up before my driver and started wawing down cars passing by. A fully handicapped equiped japanese car stopped and the guy came to me telling me he wanted to help but as strange as it is he dropped me a good 50 miles further without any comment. Surprising !

  • I did not object anything and let things happen and go. He was going to Sverdlosk (Ekaterininburg) and was expecting him to drop me to the intersection with Cheliabinsk. I thought also something has to go like that and really find myself amazed by not trying to convince him to drop me further.I knew something special was going to happen and it did happen that way. One young guy in his private car stopped soon and offer me to go all the way to Tiomen (a 800 km ride in one shot) !!! I could not believe it but yes, I was on my way to Siberia quicker than I could have imagined. I did behave well and took care to not upset my driver as I did not want to lose him (or getting dropped like a few mn ago). Everything went fine.

  • If anybody knows if foreigners (with russian transit or tourist visa) are allowed to go on the stretch of the road from Kurgan to Omsk as it goes through Kazakhstan I would be happy to know if you have to take a kazakh transit visa and drop your russian visa or what kind of conditions they require ? Easy game for russians to go through with local ID but tricky for visitors. I did avoid this stretch by mountain-bike in 2003 by going through Sverdlosk.

  • The last lift in the late evening given to me was from a trucker going all the way from Tiomen to Omsk (620 km). I ended up in the early morning in Omsk with my host not answering my phone call. She was out to her datcha. Whenever I got adress in advance I can check on where the street is and get dropped near by as my driver knows pretty well the city. Don't be reluctant to let know your adress.

  • Miss (Make It Short and Simple) and Kiss (Keep It Short and Simple) from Omsk. With Loving-kindness for All.

  • Step 5 (5th and 6th day transit): Day by day report hitch-hiking crossing Russia.

  • In the early morning after the truck dropped me I was wondering what had happened to Olga. Walking towards the city center Volodia gave me a lift and proposed me to help me.

  • “Where are you going to ?” – “no idea” I explained to him what was my situation. Having a host being lost somewhere – her dacha - without any mean to contact her. Her mobile phone was not answering. Volodia invited me home for a shower and breakfast. Later on opening my mailbox I could copy her address but nobody at home. I was on my own for the full day without being sure she will be back at night. At about 7.00 p.m when for the last time I went to check if they had come back she and her mother showed up coming out of the lift. I was just ready to go down the staircase. Missing each other this way would have been a complete mess for the day. They had gone to the dacha from the day before.

  • After a quick shower for the 3 of us we had Kriter (champagne, 25 cl bottle) + camembert with Bordeaux wine enjoying the evening.

  • Noticing a Lada with 3 men inside writing document I asked them where and if they were going to move to the edge of town on the way to Novosibirsk. - “wait a little” was the answer. Too happy to drop my bag from my shoulders I stood till they finished to transcript their handwritten document. The Asian face looking driver was ordering / dictating the one in the back seat to write down and copy. The passenger seat one was the boss, his shirt open and his chest apparent. It looked like at the court or during an operation of denunciation. The convicted got off the car and went back to his half devastated house across the sidewalk. Had he to sell it in order to pay debts? I was already on my way to the highway with my 2 comrades. They kept asking me a few things and finally told me they were policemen. What kind of policemen were they ?

  • No lift from truckers. 2 Uzbeks gave me a ride for 40 km. Gregory then was going to Altai and took me all the way to Karat (around 500 km). I followed later downtown Novosibirsk a music producer and his girlfriend driving each other their own car. This was my mistake to let it go and try not to listen to my feelings and intuition. They promised me to have a place to stay for me by his brother but I ended up in front of the train station at midnight (to MISS = Make It Short and Simple).

  • What else to do than to walk up Krasnoyarsk Avenue in order to exit this huge city ? All the cuties (boys) and sweeties (ladies) taking the fresh on the sidewalk after another evening partying I reached quickly an orthodox church where I could lay down safely and sleep for 4 hours.

  • Another day trip without lift from lorries. Private cars are faster. I had to cross Kemerovo and Marinsk on foot. Wherever I am in town I stand by a traffic light and keep asking to where I am going. Soon or later I will get what I want. So far I haven’t taken any bus or tramway since I left 10 days ago.

  • 665 km(Omsk – Novosibirsk) + 789 km (Novosibirsk– Krasnoyarsk)=1454 km. I had 3000 km left to Chita from Novosibirsk this morning + 486 km to the Chinese border (3500 km) while yesterday from Omsk I was still 3606 km from the border meaning I passed the middle point of the total 7200 km (only crossing Russia) today and by being in Krasnoyarsk tonight I am more than half way about my Russian itinerary. It makes also 5 hitching days behind me and 5 left ahead of me. The 6th day being today is the day in the middle of my eleven days transit visa (5 + 1 + 5 = 11 days).

  • Step 6 : After my CS host Anna went on a bike tour at 10:00 p.m and came back at half past midnight we had a camembert-party early till 3.00 a.m with only 4 hours left to sleep.

  • About landscapes, views before coming to Cheliabinsk from Yfa were pretty hilly but nothing to see with what should come today between Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk. I had already a glance at the scenery coming next before arriving to Krasnoyarsk: taiga, pine trees all over... forever surrounding the track, one of the reason they may have great difficulties to keep it in good conditions and passable all year round is the long-term siberian winter.

  • Kopeck-pincher does go a long way with good luck ! Amazed about how many coins - even 5 roubles ones - I could pick up before exiting town. "If you don't pick it up you leave your luck behind you". Keeping them in the pocket they can be the most valuable little gift asked by many drivers around the world collecting coins(1 unit of each currency of each country is nice to collect).

  • My weakness today was to jump in bus n°56 (starts from avtovagsal / bus terminal / gare routière) all the way to the start of the countryside road leading to Irkutsk. Tram n°7 goes also a good way on the right side of the river towards the same way.

  • I knew I will need "good luck" to make a pretty good time to Irkutsk in one day (over 1100 km) but I had completely forgotten (from 2003)how the road in this stretch was wild and rough (dirt road on a good portion).

  • It seems that Russia is split into 2 parts, the one with heavy traffic coming from the West up to Novosibirsk and the one in the Eastern part where traffic is almost non-existent (even worst after Chita all the way to Khabarosk with no road at all sometimes). I red not so long - a year ago ? - that the road Moscow - Vladivostok was just completed and finished but that's sounds unreal.

  • dirt road = less traffic = less vehicles = less opportunities of lift and less lorries when being on this stretch all drivers are rather suspicious and prefer not to take a risk picking up a stranger. Kansk is about 280 km away from Krasnoyarsk and the "largest city" on this road. 2 truckers into one truck picked me up just by curiosity as they may get bored on this road. After having had enough fun with/of me they wanted to drop me on the ringroad in Kansk. I refused to get off and crossed town with them where they shortly dropped me after town keeping driving to Bratsk. "C'est la vie !"

  • On this stretch drivers can pick you up anytime and drop you as quickly as you entered their car. A few lift going through villages and then I caught Volodia driving a Lexus 4-wheels-drive. I caught him at the railway crossing while he was slowing down. He told me he was going to Tulun but I knew he was going all the way to Irkutsk. . Driving all the way from Krasnodar in 3 days he was in need to share and talk for a while. Being bored and tired I was an ideal partner. Having left behind us the village size looking like a city - Tulun would a small size city in Western Europe - where he was supposed to stop he took a break in a restaurant and broke in the same time our friendship almost throwing me out of his car with a bunch of russian tapes in consolation. We were at a truckstop with only 4 lorries parked and three 4-wheels-drive. I thought I had to play it in no-time and smartly in order to be in Irkutsk in the morning and be successful to come in time to the chinese border within two days. A lada fully packed had no room while a 4-wheels-drive with 2 strange looking tough guys just came up to fill up gas and were taking a rest at the restaurant. I had approached them already without getting any positive answer that they would pick me up but as soon as they pop out of the restaurant I "jumped" on them ready to hang myself to the door of the car. They authorized me to get in while Volodia surprised to see me getting in another car asked me to return him some of the tapes he generously offered me as compensation for the disppointement of being kicked out. The wheel was turning around. That was his turn to be out of the game !

  • the "gypsies" guys as they introduced themselves to me were driving excessively fast as the rain started and the dirt track became wet pretty quickly. I had the feeling they will kick me out like Volodia did. They tried once to drop me telling me they were going to the next village and that's this spot was a good one to catch a ride from big trucks but I convinced them to keep a bit more with them. My time was counted and I knew this will happen again. Driving 100 miles an hour can keep you within going a long way within a few minutes. After they did drop me for real I walked to the railway crossing and kept waiting for... Volodia. I thought I could ride freight trains again like I had Russia done it once in (also in Canada and U.S.A in the early nineties) but I had intuition he was going to come again after me searching for his tapes. I was right. the first vehicule to appear was his own. He understood that in spite of my poor russian he was in need of someone to keep driving the whole night and make it the Baikal lake. I was also in need of a long-haul lift with 650 km left. I did not offer him to help for the driving as he had a Lexus with automatic change of gear. I am not used to and didn't feel confortable about it. I got a bit scared that my last camembert - over one week on the road - would bother him but as the gypsies did he was driving half window open in order to keep him awake. So my last "french cheese sample" smell went unnoticed. This is the one to export to China unless I meet up with any french people on the way willing to share this disgusting smelly camembert!

  • Helping each other we arrived in the early morning at the crack of dawn near Angarsk where I found a relief and took a nap for a good 2 hours in the next-road cemetery full of very colourful graves. My cycles are rather short (1h20 x 2 = 2h40). After a short breakfeast on the soil of my open-air room a combi-bus (marshroutkas in russian) stopped willing to give me a lift. I wawed my hand rejecting the offer but he insistently backed up to my position and got in Making It Short and Simple (Miss) as usual.

  • 1600 km left to the border and two days to go. Happy travels and Metta for All.

  • Step 7: I had to find the way to leave Irkutsk and luckily left town about 5.00 p.m when the weather a storm was threatening the city. It wasn’t the best time to leave but once again I had no choice than to go ‘on the road again” if I want to make it in time. I checked the weather forecast before leaving France with previsions for 12 days in advance and it was supposed to rain everywhere on my way during the trip. Luckily I went through and got sunny days around 23 / 25 degrees almost everywhere and even 28 degrees in Novosibirsk . This is Siberia !

  • Russia is a large country with not always good roads. It may take more time than planned. The good thing is just to “believe in what you’re doing” and everything will be fine. I caught different small lift leaving town and came to the rim of the magnificent Baikal Lake where the rain was pouring. No choice but to catch a lucky lift which came under the auspicious form of an ambulance customized combi. A railway crossing stopped us for a while and I took a chance to ask lift around to the drivers standing in line. A break driven by 2 buryats offered me to go all the way to Ulan Ude. I was not expecting so much but in secret only hoping for such an opportunity. I sat in the back of the car. I had to make room for my back and I happily recognized a saffron robe and a yellow belt worn by Buddhist monks in Buryatia. The weather was just worst than I could imagine but the driver with no fear at all was hurrying like almost flying in order to reach Nibbana as soon as possible. The car in bad shape had to survive the harsh treatment among poor conditions of survival but the spirit was high and strong. No doubt we will make it in no-time to Ulan Ude the capital city of Buryatia. During out trip to Nibbana the passenger had called a friend asking him to put me up for the night. We came at 1.50 a.m and I lay down at 2.45 a.m for another short night. My host had to wake up at 6.20 to go to work.

  • J-1 (before the border). Out of his bed / house at about 6.40 I quickly reached the outskirts of town and started to hitch. I knew this will be a less travelled road as I am heading further East. Coming on a parking I kept begging a lift from truckers. They were in convoy and the guy responsible came to me asking me what I wanted to and some ID. It was no problem at all for him to give me a lift all the way to Chita (620 km). Still early morning it started to snow and kept snowing all day long whitened the enchanting landscapes already composed of greenery, yellow grass and terracotta colour ground. It was definitely the nicest scenery I had ever seen since the beginning of this hitching trip. I recognized some of the countryside I went through the states of Touva and Khakhassia, the three of them being my favorites (not been yet to Kamchatka and Sakhalin).

  • Day D early morning 3.00 a.m ( 486 km from the border). At about 1.30 a.m the convoy dropped me in Chita in front of a bar café where I went inside to ask for the road to the border. Artem singer of the café was ready to go back home and told me “I can help you”. He just asked me where I was going to sleep and I had no answer. I am expecting another short sleep as I had a shower and they prepared some to eat and drink together with Lena the oldest sister and Ilya the youngest brother.

  • I was relying on Artsem's mother to wake me up by making some noise at about 6.00 a.m but nothing came like I thought and I woke up at only 8.30 a.m. So tired I was (went to bed at 4.15 a.m). I slept less than 50 hours in 13 nights since I left Budapest. I am already very late on my timing and 16th of may is my last day on my russian transit visa. We had plan to leave at 7.30 a.m. After 6 cups of tea and a little bread we are on the way to Zabaikalsk. Chita is under he snow. According to my understanding of russian Chita has not seen such amount of snow for the last 37 years. As soon as Artsem drops me a car overpassing us stops just behind Artem's luxurious Volga. It will go like that for a few lift. I hadn't even taken out my bags from the previous car that I flag down another one or wawe my hand with a post sign with my final destination "Zaibakalsk" (This extra "i" in the third position is voluntary).

  • After passing through Darassun and Aginskoye there was no snow anymore but the bad weather came with strong winds and rains. I had to fight and stand on the roadside before the turn off to Borzja untill a truck came and pick me up all the way to the border. There was a truckstop on the side of the road where from time to time I was going to warm me up a bit before running again on the roadside. I f I would not have done it that way I would have missed it because it did not stop in this recreative spot.

  • I will spare you the difficulties to go through the border. Need a lot of time (about 2h00 hours on each side).Like the hungarian-ukraino border you can't cross on foot. I like better to pass such border like russian and chinese ones late in the afternoon as they may delay my final goal and I did well as it is open all night they have time to squeeze you and keep you for some many things they weant to know about your trip. My passport is also almost full with only a few pages left and this doesn't help as on the chinese side they were looking if I had flown recently to the U.S and Canada due to the pig flu.

  • The border is open all night. Visas available for Russians on the basic price of 1500 roubles for 10 days or 6000 roubles for 1 year visa multiple entries. Everything made in China is done for russians in Manzhouli as a recreational spot. All shops are bilingual (gastinitsa, traders and front shop advertisement). There are also such a geant matrioska and an orthodox church in atheist China to be enjoyed by russians tourists.

  • What took me time was my ID pic.

  • How suspicious they were on the russian side even after giving them my national ID.

  • The swine flu the chinese side. After the geant thermometer detected for three times my body temperature as normal they wanted to make sure it was right asking me to use the old traditional method with a mercury thermoter under the armpit. On the world map U.S.A Alaska included were in the no-zone, Europe was in orange yellow, Russia in yellow and China was without any case ! They wanted me to buy a life insurance that they tried to sell me as "accident insurance" or "death insurance". After telling them with a big smile that I had no intention to die in China they kept laughing and excluded me from this program. They even forgot to check how much money I had focusing essentialy on the swine flu.

  • The russian guys were shouting on the exit side as it took me 2 hours to go through the border and they had to lift me out of the border. I got saved on both side by the late timing. It was already late 23h30 on the russian side when they started to think that I had to be out by the end of the day 16th. There is one hour difference timing with China. They had to stamp my passport on the 16th according to my exit stamp. I could write down a 10 pages report only about this crossing but won't to Miss (Make It Short and Simple) it. Just one more thing to let you know : the “camembert” has gone unnoticed through the border ! Expiration date: 01st of june 2009.

  • A few more considerations and corrections: in detail my night sleeps starting from Budapest: 3 hours + (5 + 3 = 8 hours for 2 nights in Ukraina) + 5 (granary)+ 3 (at home in Samara) + 5 (parking lot) + no sleep, riding a truck who was in need to come in Omsk early morning, next day was off duty and 9th of may, Victory day) + 6 (at home in Omsk) + 4 (in Novosibirsk) + 3 (at home in Krasnoyarsk) + 2h40 (in a cemetery) + 2h20 (at home in Ulan Ude) + 4h30 (at home in Chita) + 4 hours in a new building outside the border fence = 50 h 30 hours sleep for a total of 14 nights. More than 10 000 km for now from Normandy, France (700 km + 2700 km + 7700 km) to Manzouli, the chinese border.

  • I can hardly sleep sitting in a car but can nooze for a while – up to 20 mn – and rest that way. Sometimes keeping it aware helps to fight against the sloth and torpor but I don’t have to deal too much with such hindrances as my energy is strong.

  • I shared meals twice with my drivers and had chance to take shower and shave every 24 hours.

  • The trip through Russia so far has been like if I had been sitting in an airspace shuttle for 10 days not having to move with closed eyes with just some break for the body to take some food and a little sleep as it was a 10 days meditation course. Not much different. The mind can keep going without sleep for a long time but not the body which is bounded to ageeing and decaying.

  • Just be present, observe, be aware and look for any opportunity coming on the road. I have always travelled with such kind of strengh. If it was not my fate to hitch I would not do it so happily and so luckily. Happy travels to All of You and Metta for All.

  • - For those who have chance to know something about sitting meditate the following extract:

Who sits.

Today we come to sit.
In the past others too came to sit.
Time flows.
Change moves.
Space remains the same!
Still others will come –
Now Sati sits !

That leads you This way.
This pulls you That way.
Sampajanna is neither way.
Power of now or not the power of now?
Now that is not the question !
In the gaps of sound and silence,
pleasure and pain is the most precious gift.
In the breath there is a Love that is hard to find.

In Knowing – Panna arrives!

Sati is mindfulness, Sampajanna is clear seeing, Panna Wisdom = Karuna compassion, two sides of the same coin!

  • Quelques vers pour inspirer la nouvelle année birmane, chaque jour, chaque instant...

Vivez dans le moment présent

Vivez dans le moment présent
Savourez le
Sentez le
Sa texture
Son expérience
Sa présence
Prenez en conscience.

Ce moment compte
C'est ce qui est réel
Ce qui est entrain de se passer
Juste maintenant
Alors soyez présent
Non ailleurs.
Dans vos pensées et imaginations.

Ce moment est important
Si vous pouvez vivre dans cet instant
Y demeurer
Etre content avec
Pas besoin de faire grand chose,
C'est suffisant
Et vous vous réjouirez
De la simplicité et
La merveille de l'attention
La pleine conscience.

Dans ce moment,
Vous pouvez contempler
Ce que vous êtes entrain de faire
Sentir l'action
Les mouvements
Et les sensations.

Vous pouvez observer
Les mouvements de l'esprit
Les intentions et désirs
Peurs et imaginations
Peines et maux du coeur
Joie et bonheur
Et tout le reste
Tout peut être contemplé
Et compris
Dans ce moment
Et cela est suffisant.

Car dans ce moment,
vous pouvez être calme
Et content
Tranquille et posé

Et d'eux-mêmes,
sans invitation
La sagesse et la compréhension viennent
avec l'amour et la compassion
Et ils grandissent
Et ils demeurent (dans votre coeur)
Et vous savez
Qu'il reste peu de chose à faire,
Si ce n'est de demeurer
Dans ce moment
Dans le présent

Visu (Visudhacara, in Drinking tea, living life), traduit par Ma Candasobha